Big News!!!

So… finally some big news is revealed.  I’ve been working on this secret project for quite a while and finally it is announced!!!

It’s a BRAND NEW ALBUM by Renaldo & The Loaf called “Gurdy Hurding”! Set for release October

Renaldo & The Loaf - Gurdy Hurding
Renaldo & The Loaf – Gurdy Hurding

Soooo…. Ever since I was a teen I’ve been spinning records by this duo… actually, they are really one of my most favorite bands of all time.  So this has been such a great honor working with them.

They haven’t made a new album since the 80’s but now they’re makin’ a comeback.  I’m helping them do it in style!!!  Not only did I make them album art but I also made them glorious hats (that match the ones illustrated on the cover).

There is going to be so much more to come from us.  I’ll post more about it very soon. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, check out Renaldo & The Loaf’s previous releases at or learn more about them at also you should join their official facebook group!

Renaldo & The Loaf
Renaldo & The Loaf