Renaldo & The Loaf – Gurdy Hurding Posters Coming Soon!

Good news folks!

Renaldo & The Loaf – Gurdy Hurding Posters are Coming Soon to PoxShop!

I’m going to put them up for sale this Friday, 2nd of December.

I’ve made R&TL their own section in PoxShop, check it out here.

Since the posters I made are double sided, I figure people may want to buy more than one of each so both sides can be displayed simultaneously…. that’s why there will be a couple options for bulk deals.   Mix and match 2 or 4 posters and it will be cheaper than buying them individually.

I know what you’re thinking…. “posters are great… but I really want a T-shirt!”  Well, that’s what I plan to do next.   So buy these posters to make it easier for me to fund the shirts, and well, because they’re beautiful posters and you need them.


Don’t forget, R&TL will get a portion of each sale! So not only are you encouraging me to make more R&TL merch by buying posters, but you’re putting some cash into Renaldo & Teds pockets as well, which I’m sure will help them feel encouraged and appreciated.

If this first run sells well, I’ll likely do another run as well.

RaTL - Album Art - Side 1RaTL - Album Art - Side 2RaTL - Clouds - Side 1RaTL - Clouds - Side 2