New Renaldo & The Loaf Stickers!

Hi there all my R&TL and poxart fans! Now… for the price of a hambu or a couple of hodos, you can get a Renaldo & The Loaf – Gurdy Hurding sticker set!

I made them in both a black on clear version:

and a color on white version:

Color Sticker Set

It’s a little bit cheaper to buy both.

I’m giving bulk discounts on these stickers because you know once you stick them to your filing cabinet (or whatever) that’s when you’ll realize you really would have rather had them on your camping trailer (or whatever). You’ll need some to stick on various things. Also you may want to buy some to save for future sticking… I don’t plan on doing a reprint.

Also a cool feature, these stickers are trading card size so they fit great in any sort of trading card display or holders.Trading Card Size

At the moment you can also get them in a bundle with mini posters and save a few bucks.

MiniPosters and Stickers Bundle

Remember… Renaldo and Ted get a % of every sale!  So show your appreciation and encouragement by buying and enjoying these fabulous items!

If you don’t have the album…. what’s wrong with you?! This is one of the best albums ever… buy the album and buy my matching merch.