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Hi, Poxodd here! Here’s a few words that sum up my current interests:  Art, nature, music, humor, weird stuff, philosophy, business and voluntaryism.

First of all, let’s address my name – how to pronounce it! It’s actually really easy, it’s pronounced just like looks – pox (like chicken pox) + odd (like in odd and even). Don’t try to get fancy about it!!! ;p   I also answer to just “pox” for short.

I started getting interested in art back in my high school years.  Back then I would experiment with any cheap materials I could get my hands on. Latex house paint on masonite was a favorite. Pretty much all my early art supplies were purchased at the hardware store because I didn’t have a bunch of money to spend on art supplies as a teen.   I spent much of my free time making zines full of stories, collages and poems and I also made comic books about the musical group The Residents.  I also did a lot of music back then too.

At some point the music and writing oriented stuff mostly fell away and I began to concentrate on visual arts.  I started selling art on eBay, trying out lots of different mediums and techniques along the way.  For a few years I was heavily into Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) aka Art Card Editions and Originals (ACEOs), and did those almost exclusively, creating and selling about one art card a day.  Unfortunately the art card thing died out a big although I really like them still so I still do them sometimes.  I guess it was sort of good though because now I do stuff on larger than 2.5″ X 3.5″ canvases, and it’s pretty fun doing bigger pieces with even more detail.

Detail is one of the things I’m known for a lot now.  I really like to get EVERYTHING in there and I also like to get really zesty with my colors.  These days gouache and pen and ink are my mediums of choice.  I do quite a few things in the art realm these days, artworks on paper or board, painted rocks, upcycled thrift store statues, silk screen, zines, costumes, and more.

Since moving to Reno in particular, I’m very inspired by nature, so you’ll see a lot of that in recent works.  I also love to do outer space and sci-fi themed art as well as art that is inspired by music and instruments. Speaking of music, recently I’ve been really enjoying working with my new musician friends too Ostrich Von Nipple, Locust Fellow and Friends, Renaldo and the Loaf, and The Darkening Scale!  I hope to work with all of those guys a lot more in the future.

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