AMinorHex_Front_with_Titles_m A Minor Hex

A Minor Hex By Locust Fellow & Friends Now Available at!

A Minor Hex by Locust Fellow & Friends!  It’s now available a!   This CD is a continuation of the Curse of The Baleful Caller project I did with LF&F.  Make sure you’ve picked them both up! They’re some sweet poxart packages around some fantastic tunes by Locust Fellow & Friends.  ... Read More

September Is Here!!

This September is gonna be awesome! First we start it off with my Birthday Sale, but there are also a couple of albums being release this month that feature PoxAlbumArt! On Tuesday we celebrate my birthday with a sale at a percentage the same as my age… 38% off!!!  Which is innnnsaaaaaaaaneeee! ;p  Normally, the […]... Read More
Curse of the Baleful Caller Locust Fellow & Friends

Locust Fellow & Friends “Curse of The Baleful Caller” is Available!

The long awaited Locust Fellow & Friends debut album, “Curse of The Baleful Caller” is now out and available for purchase at Psychofon Records.  I am so excited about this release!  It’s my first 12″ vinyl album art and I’m very proud of it! For those who don’t know, this album was done as an […]... Read More