Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller

YAYYY! Got to go to my 20th anniversary of seeing  a Penn & Teller show last Saturday.   It was a great show!!! Me, my hubby and my dad all had a fantastic time. I had seen the show a couple years ago too, and I was happy that this show was almost completely different from […]... Read More
AMinorHex_Front_with_Titles_m A Minor Hex

A Minor Hex By Locust Fellow & Friends Now Available at!

A Minor Hex by Locust Fellow & Friends!  It’s now available a!   This CD is a continuation of the Curse of The Baleful Caller project I did with LF&F.  Make sure you’ve picked them both up! They’re some sweet poxart packages around some fantastic tunes by Locust Fellow & Friends.  ... Read More
poxday poxday Poxodd Day!

It’s Poxodd Day!

It’s Poxodd Day!!! (my birthday) use coupon code POXDAY2017 at my Etsy store (there’s a place to enter it in your shopping cart) for 38% OFF everything in my store (because I’m turning 38), TODAY ONLY!!! WOOOO! *throws confetti*... Read More